Workout Wednesday: 7 Minutes In Heaven

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Remember that game when we were kids where we’d take 2 seemingly unsuspecting friends, blindsightingly throw them in a closet and expect them to make-out for 7 minutes?  Do you remember how much fun it was as we would giggle as the 2 victims would bang on the door mercifully asking to be let out?  Yet, we would ignore their pleas as we would count down the seconds, laughing and squeeling as we hold the door shut.  Do you remember?  Oh those were the days.

Well, luck would have it, that this is the adult version!…kinda.  Except it involves a treadmill.  And absolutely no kissing.  Or any of the awkward pre-teen jitters.  Ok, so I guess, its nothing like the game we played as kids.  Except for the sole fact that it also lasts 7 minutes.

But now that you’re here, why not have a little fun.  The following workout is a 7 minute HIIT or high intensity interval training workout that I use not only in my own workouts but with my clients as well.  Since I like slow duration cardio about as much as anyone likes lint, I’m really digging this routine.

My solution to the long-slow bore my eyes out cardio is high intensity interval training.  I’m going to avoid going into too much detail about the benefits of interval training since I’ve blogged about the what, the why, and the how of interval training before (you can find the 3 part series here: part 1, part 2, part 3.)  Basically, interval training is a great alternative to the low and slow cardio that has similar training effects on the body as strength training.  Which is why I like it so much.

This 7 minute HIIT training is designed to be performed after a strength training workout, or on it’s own.  For instance, if you are doing the Firm Butt Society Workout you can follow up the workout with this 7 minute routine.  Or, you could also do this workout during one of your “off” days between strength training days.  On a side note, I actually have to thank my biz coaching John Romaniello for this workout, as he was the devilish one who came up with it.  He’s always reliable for new and innovative workout routines.   Thanks man!

—–>>>Click here to download the PDF workout<<<—–

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