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I’m sitting at a bus stop in Coolidge Corner waiting or the 66 to take me to my client’s apartment for my last session of the week.  In this moment I feel so blessed and grateful to be in a position where I manage my own schedule, run my own business and be the boss.

It’s glorious.

Anywho, I figured while I sit here I could be blogging!  I downloaded the WordPress app which makes it very convenient to start or edit a blog.  I’m still learning all the ins and outs of the thing, but so far I’m loving it.

It being Friday I figured it would be a great opportunity to do a weekly update and to share with you some of the cool photos I’ve taken this week with my new iPhone.  I didn’t think I’d be saying this, but having an iPhone has been awesome.  Not for the connectivity but for the creativity.

I’ve been able to take clearer, and more vibrant photos for my blog, I’ve been able to start blogs when they come to mind, and keep up on my gratitudepractice.  So overall loving the iPhone.

Here are updates from the week:
1.  The September Lean Body Challenge is now open for enrollment with an Early Bird special that ends September 9th.

If you are not familiar with the Lean Body Challenge, it is our 28 day nutrition and lifestyle program designed to kickstart you into living a healthier, happier and more vibrant life. You can read some of our testimonials from our January Challenge here, from our March Challenge, and from May.  September marks our FIFTH (!!!) installment of the program, and I’m so grateful to see how our community has been building over the last 9 months. If you’re interested in joining the September Challenge, click the link below to reserve a spot.  Space is very limited, so don’t wait out.

—>>>September Lean Body Challenge Early Bird Special!<<<—
2. Starting next week, I’ll be teaching Mat Pilates on Thursdays at 9:30 am at All One Yoga in Boston as well as taking on new in-home training and nutrition clients.

If you live in the area, and would like to continue or start a pilates routine, be sure to check out All One Yogaat 1065 Comm Ave, right off the C-line on the BU campus.  It’s an intimate space and you can take yoga and pilates from some of the best instructors in Boston.  I’m really looking forward to offering this class to the community so come on down, we would love to have you!

3. Looking back at the last several months, I have to say that this summer has been a-mazing.

The weather has been nearly perfect, great things have happened personally and professionally like becoming self-employed (!!!) and sending my brother off to college.  And I’ve fallen in love with the city of Boston.  This fall marks 2 years since I’ve moved here, and I feel that for the first time in a long time, I can call this place my home. Below I want to share with you various photos I’ve taken to get a glimpse of how I live and interact with the city.

Photos from around Boston.  Leave your guesses as to where they are in the comment section below:

boston photos

 5. Here some photos from the farmer’s markets this week:

Because tomatoes are in season, I was able to make a yummy Chicken with Herb Roasted Tomatoes dinner, and a Plum Chutney with Pork Tenderloinas stone fruits are out as well.

6. And finally…as I mentioned above, I’ve been incorporating a daily gratitude practice that I do at the end of each night right before I go to bed.

From my personal experience, I find that when I focus my attention on the things I’m grateful for, it detracts the energy that goes into thinking about the things I’m lacking, and this keeps me out of the pity parade.  I mentioned this app I was using earlier this week, and here is a snapshot of last nights list:

gratitude journal gratitude app

I hope you enjoyed the updates and the photos, and if you live in Boston be sure to come check out pilates this Thursday and leave your guesses as to where the Boston photos where taken!

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