Some kind words once spoken

I feel the best I’ve ever known- mentally, physically, and emotionally. The 28 Day Challenge is a completely rewarding way to successfully incorporate healthier decisions and actions into your lifestyle, and feel great every day
Jennifer D.
Lean Body Challenge Participant
Learning the stretches and paying attention to my nutrition. I can now workout more often and ride my bike without pain, and have lost 10 lbs. in the process.
Michele L.
Fitness Client
I feel better about myself and am finally feeling more positive about my self image. I would not have been able to get here if it weren’t for Sirena’s program, constant support and guidance. This is more than a diet, it is a guide to finding YOU and your personal relationship with food and it is a lifelong journey.
Katie K. R.
Nutrition Client
As a professional actress in the Boston theatre scene, I am always presented with new physical challenges--athletic dance numbers, fist fights, sword fights, clowning-style prat falls, and even cheerleading. I also have to look good in whatever costume the designer has in mind. Needless to say, moving well and staying lean are intrinsic to my work. However, between long rehearsals and my day job, it's hard to fit in very many hours at the gym. I came to Sirena with two main goals: 1. To make my workouts more effective (i.e. more results in less time working out per week) 2. To fix my shoulder issues (at that point I couldn't straighten my arms directly overhead without pain, which was very disturbing, and was negatively impacting my work and day to day life. ) She patiently helped me improve the strength and flexibility of my upper body, and she also opened my eyes to other postural issues and weak points that were impeding my progress. Unlike many trainers, she takes the whole person into consideration, and has a very effective holistic approach to fitness. After training with her for the last 6 months, my workouts have become more efficient, I feel better day to day, I look leaner and more toned, and I'm almost doing real pullups!
Hannah H.
Lean Body Challenge Participant
My digestion, energy and confidence improved, and I also lost 9 lbs and 12 inches. I have learned, without a doubt, that what I eat affects every aspect of my life and wellness. No matter how much I want to be a person who doesn't need to pay attention to what I'm shoving in my mouth in order to live my best life, that will never be me - and that's okay. Through the LBC I have learned to accept and embrace that fact. I have a newfound desire to take care of myself. To give my body the things that make it work better. Sleep. Fresh, unprocessed foods. Not only have I lost weight and mass, but I have eliminated a huge source of stress for myself - my digestion. All this is proof of a greater lesson - I CAN change my life.
Erin P.
Lean Body Challenge Participant
I began training with Sirena in the Fall of 2010 to get in shape for my wedding in June 2011. I really didn’t know what to expect and to be honest I thought I would buy one package with her and would move on. Well, that was not the case as I am still working with her today and my husband also trains with her. Training with Sirena has not only changed the way my body looks, it changed the whole way I view food and exercise. Sirena taught me how to get the most out of my time spent working out and how to combine foods for optimum health and energy. One of the great things about Sirena is that she truly tailors her workouts to the individual; there is no cookie cutter session with her. I have always had problems with one of my knees and my lower back and Sirena has found ways to strengthen both of those problem areas for me. Besides our regular training sessions, Sirena introduced me to Pilates, which I absolutely love. Currently, I am enrolled in her 28 Day Lean Body Challenge, which is her newest venture and diet plan. I can’t wait to see my results. My wedding day, June 25th, 2011, was the most important day in my life (so far!) and I couldn’t have felt more beautiful. I have Sirena to thank for that! Sirena is an amazing trainer, motivator and friend and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in changing bad eating and exercise habits.
Kerry B.
Lean Body Challenge Participant
I have been a personal trainer for over 12 years and decided I needed something different that I wasn’t giving myself. I started training with Sirena to learn a different approach to training. I am very capable of training myself but Sirena gave me the extra push that I wasn’t giving myself. She challenges me in different ways every time we meet. I then decided to take it a step further and learn Sirena’s approach to nutrition. I recently completed an 8 week nutritional program with Sirena with great results. The program teaches you about your own body. Every person has different nutritional needs and every body is different. Sirena gave me a template to work with and we tweaked the program at our weekly check in sessions. I liked the program so much that I am decided to get certified as a holistic health coach to help others the way that Sirena has helped me. I have grown as a personal trainer and a person because of Sirena. Thank you very much.
Ilene K.
Training Client
Sirena’s approach to nutrition is one that I can live by for the rest of my life. I learned to eat the foods that work with my body. I have many food sensitivities and learned what food work with my body and when. I never felt deprived with her plan. There is plenty to eat and a cheat day each week. I lost about 10 lbs, my muscles aches are gone and I have so much energy. I would recommend this plan to anyone who needs to lose a few pounds and wants a nutritional recharge. Thank you Sirena!
Neal W.
Lean Body Challenge Participant
One of the big things I learned is that my body doesn’t NEED cardio to look and feel fit. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still do a bit of it a week but it’s much less of a focus now. My focus actually shifted more from working out hard to “burn off” food to eating good, clean, organic, unprocessed foods and feeling good there first. Another thing I learned was that my body can bounce back more quickly now after cheat days than I feel like it did before. Inevitably, you do have things in life that come up where you might not have as much control over your options – work dinners, weddings, friends’ parties, etc. Now, I don’t stress about those things. I just try to choose the best options I can, enjoy myself, and then focus on the next week and move on.
Julie D.
Lean Body Challenge Participant
My experience with the lbc taught me a healthy way to eat without ever feeling deprived or like I was on a "diet". Not focusing on quantity for me is key, but because I was eating nutritious items higher in protein & fat I began to feel totally satiated more quickly then previously with a more grain centered diet. I lost 6.5 inches overall. I am a group exercise instructor and felt pretty good about my body when I started, I honestly didn't expect the change to be that significant!!!!! WOW!!!!!
Liz T.
Lean Body Challenge Participant