Why It’s Important To Feel Strong

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When one of my coaches asked me recently, “why” I am doing what I am doing in my business,  I told her I wanted to help women feel better about themselves.

She asked again, “Why is that important?”

I was stumped, and I sat in silence for a few seconds on the phone, a blank screen, and a bit perplexed. I had never thought of it that way before, that deeply.

I had never stopped to ask myself why it was important for women to feel stronger in their bodies, or why it was important to have better digestion, or more energy.

As I tripped over my words trying to justify my why, all I could think about was how much better my clients felt about their lives once they started feeling stronger, once they started having more energy and once they started feeling more in control of their bodies.

And from the conversation sprung this idea in which:

I believe when you feel strong in your body, you feel great in life.

This little statement carries a lot of clout and meaning to me, and embodies my entire practice; my mission; my purpose.

It’s important imperative for women, to feel strong in our bodies because when we are, we show up fully present, ready to rule our own lives.

When we’re strong externally, we can make it through a full day of work, confident and ambitious, with enough energy to take an evening vinyasa class.

When we’re strong internally, we can make it through all the shitty times in life – the breakups, the self-doubt, and the loses – without completely falling off our meal plan.

When we are strong in our body, we are better sisters, daughters, girlfriends, mothers, wives, bosses, entrepreneurs, and lovers.

I feel as women, it is our responsibility, not just to ourselves, but to those around us, to the communities we live in, and to a greater extent, the entire world, to develop a strong body both internally and externally.

reikiwalkInner strength develops when we work through the “junk” from our past and begin to recognize harmful patterns in our life that are preventing us from moving forward. And then, doing something about it.

Inner strength means facing our demons and doing the “work” necessary to move on, whether that’s therapy, energy healing, working with a shaman, collecting crystals, journaling, meditating, or whatever works for you.

This inner strength means sticking up for what you believe in, for what you want in your life without apologizing yet being flexible and allowing yourself to bend with the wind rather than snapping in half.

Inner strength is the ability to take a moment out of your day to calm your nerves, and trust in your higher self; to trust in the Universe. It’s the ability to listen to your intuition to help you make the best decision for you and the ones you love.

Outer strength develops when we eat healthy food from a place of love and compassion; eating in peace and savoring the flavors of our food as opposed to rushing and inhaling our meals.

Outer strength means making the time to move our body, whether you do that by lifting weights, going to yoga, taking pilates, or just walking outside, it doesn’t really matter.

Outer strength develops when we heal our digestion and when we get plenty of sleep at night. Outer strength means not relying on coffee in the afternoon to make it through the day.

It means being able to go out to dinner with friends, to socialize and celebrate life without worrying about what you’re going to order.

When we’re strong on the inside/outside it shows on the outside/inside.

Which brings me back to my point:

I believe that when you feel strong in your body, you feel great in life.

I write this as an invitation to you. An invitation to commit yourself to developing a stronger body both inside and out. An invitation for you to show up.


To stop riding in the passenger seat and start to take charge of your health, your life and your happiness by putting in the time, the work, and the love back into yourself.

An invitation to start feeling great in life.

And I believe it all starts with feeling stronger; not only in how we carry ourselves but also how we think of ourselves.

Feeling great in life starts with feeling strong both internally and externally.

Not only do I believe this to be true, but I believe it to be true for you.

How do I know this? Because you’re here right now reading this. You’ve made it all the way to the bottom of this blog because this jives with you.

Something you read along the way kept you scrolling down. Perhaps you felt a pang of excitement or a quiver of fear, regardless you’ve made it this far.

So girls, why is it important to feel strong? Because –

I believe when we feel strong in our body, we feel great in life.

And when we feel great in life, we are better sisters, daughters, girlfriends, mothers, wives, bosses, entrepreneurs, and lovers.

Our families, our communities, and the entire world benefits from our strength. This is why it’s important to feel strong.

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  1. Thank you for being such a great and inspiring person, it was an eye-opening read <3 i was wondering what brought you to this path or what made you passionate about all of what you do? was it an experience in your life that made you start? Curious 🙂

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