EMBODY Coaching Plan


Complete wellness coaching experience. We will take a deep dive into every aspect of your life -diet, exercise, job, relationships, family, patterns – and lovingly create a plan to support the wellness of your body. In-person or available via Skype or phone call as well as e-mail.

Duration : 4 Months of Bi-Weekly Wellness Coaching and Spiritual Support



Do you remember what it was like to feel strong, confident and pain-free in your body?

If you’re holding onto extra weight, if you’re looking for a deeper solution to your chronic pain, or if you desire bright crisp energy…keep reading. 

I strongly believe that our body is our greatest asset. It is the vehicle in which we experience the world.

The better we can move and feel in our body by becoming stronger, releasing pain and tension, and becoming more mobile, the better we can navigate our personal and spiritual lives, and all the ups and downs with ease and grace.

The better we feel in our body by allowing ourselves more rest and eating in a way that nourishes us, the more present and loving we can be to ourselves, in our relationships and in our work-life or businesses.

The better we are at trusting our body and re-awakening our intuition, the less struggle, confusion and anxiety we’ll experience, and the more FLOW we’ll begin to feel along our path.

I’m here to help you remember how to feel free, joyful, and confident in your body.


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