A Positive Mantra to Boost Your Self Esteem

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I have a very simple message I want to send you today as I woke up this morning feeling grateful and blessed to have spent the last several days with my family.

It was wonderful to catch up and I always feel safe and protected whenever I’m with them. Since I was in NH it as also nice to step away from the daily grind, to shut off some noise and to just be present, something that we oftentimes have difficulty doing.

We often become so caught up with our “to-do” lists and our goals, that we forget to enjoy the process.  And trust me, I am super guilty of this.

You may have experienced what I’m talking about – being so flustered with whether things are going to work out, or if you’re going to be successful.  It’s a lot of stress to put on yourself, especially for something that is not guaranteed.

What I offer you today is a positive mantra for self esteem that I’ve learned recently from a couple of love coaches actually, that It snaps me out of negative thinking, and puts me right back in the moment where I belong. And the mantra is:

“What would the highest version of me do in this present moment?”

Meaning, instead of worrying about your future, think about this moment and this moment only. Ask yourself, what would the best, strongest, healthiest, happiest, (insert your favorite adjective here) version of me do right now?

We all aspire to be greater, to be happier and more fulfilled versions of ourselves, or you wouldn’t be on this email list. It helps when I’m feeling lazy, or pouty, or when I’m feeling bad for myself.  When I get flustered, or feel rushed and don’t feel like giving it my best effort, I simply stop and ask myself, “What would the highest version of me do in this moment?”

Now is the only time there ever is, and ever was, and thus I invite you, I challenge you, to be present now.  And the next time you feel like continuing that argument, or the next time you are questioning a decision in your life (should I stay in this job or relationship?), ask yourself:

“What would the highest version of me do in this present moment?”

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