Inaugural Lean Body Challenge Winner Announcement

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I have to start off by saying that I am so proud of everyone that participated in the first ever Lean Body Challenge.  The last month has been an amazing experience for me, not only as a coach but as a friend as well.

If you have been following us on Facebook then you know that over the last month we’ve been involved in a 28-day nutrition and lifestyle make-over called the Lean Body Challenge.  I had friends and clients from Boston to as far as D.C. participate in this virtual coaching program, and everything that we did was all online, from the food tracker, the measurements, the progress photos as well as personal coaching via e-mail.

Once everyone completed their final online assessment and updated their online Measurement Tracker, I sat down and narrowed the finalists down to 3.  I based the winners off 3 categories:

  •     The percentage of inches lost
  •    The quality of the before and after photos (meaning, you could see a noticeable difference in body shape)
  •    A final essay question

I did not want to base the winner off the percentage of weight lost since weight can fluctuate on a daily basis.  I also did not want to focus on weight either since I find that we can get so caught up in this number, when it really does not give us the whole picture.  Since this program is based off making long-term lifestyle changes and healing the metabolism from the inside out I felt that inches, the photos and the essay question were much accurate measurements of progress.

It really came down to the 3 finalists and after mulling it over Sarah F., came out as the overall winner.  She is now the recipient of a $100 cash prize.  Woot woot!

Here’s what Sarah had to say:

I should win the LBC because I stuck very closely to the diet, and felt great!  I was able to see how my body reacted to a clean and healthy digestive system.  I was able to get into some meditating at the end with my new yoga class and felt great.  I started doing interval training and will definitely keep it up.

Most importantly, I became more disciplined with my eating habits, introduced WAY more fruits and veggies in my diet than I have before and ate only lean, organic, free range protein.  I discovered the way I should feel on a regular basis and have decided to use the LBC diet as the basis for my diet from now on.

I recognize that I probably will have cheese and ice cream and wine again, but I think if I can do that only on special occasions and use the LBC diet as my diet to stick with at home.

Even though we had to announce one winner, the race was so close that we decided to award 2 additional prizes for the 2 runner ups, who were Sheila D. and Aliza S.  Both Sheila and Aliza will receive one month of our Maintenance Plan, that includes unilimited e-mailing coaching, daily feedback with the online food tracker, bi-weekly assessments, diet and lifestyle modifications and fine-tuning, as well as a customized workout.  Not too shabby if you ask me.

To everyone who participated in the Challenge, I want to express just how proud and excited I am for you and all the changes that you’ve made in your life.  As a coach and a friend, I was really touched by all of your e-mails, notes, and messages on Facebook.  This has been an amazing experience and I am so grateful that I was able to come along for the ride and support you through your journey.

Congrats Sarah, you rocked it.  Let’s show Sarah some love by leaving her a comment below!

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