My Top Picks for Gluten-free Friendly Restaurants in Boston

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To me, there’s nothing like a home cooked meal prepared with lots of love, super-fresh ingredients and hopefully being shared with close friends and family.

However, on the flip side to that I also LOVE going out to eat with friends and family, and discovering new places in Boston.  Over the last 2 years that I’ve been in Boston I’ve had the chance to explore the city quite a bit and seeing how I prefer to eat gluten-free (I just feel better doing this) I’ve had to find restaurants that can accommodate me maneuvering around their menu.

Now that I’ve built up a list of places that I like, I can recommend them to clients as well.  And since one of the most frequently asked questions I get, after “Sirena, why are you so cool?” is “Sirena, what’s the best place to go out to eat?”

Well, if you live in the Bean I’ve listed a few of my favorite places in the city.

Check ‘em out below and if you have a suggestion or recommendation to add to the list, leave them in the comment section below so we can get a running list together.

My Top Picks for Gluten-free Friendly Restaurants in Boston

Legal Seafood

Now, granted that this is a chain restaurant which I’m not much into, I do have to give Legal Seafood major props for the efforts in maintaining a GF friendly environment.

Not only do they have a separate GF menu, but they take a lot of care to make sure that food is not cross-contaminated, which, unless you have Celiac’s is not much of an issue, but just knowing that they care makes me happy.

If you order a GF meal, the manager hand delivers the meal to you, PLUS they have some pretty tasty GF rolls too.

Last time I was there I ordered the seared tuna sashimi with a wasabi dressing and it was da’ bomb.

Stonehearth Pizza

By far, my fave place in Boston/Cambridge to get GF pizza.  There are actually 2 locations in the city, 1 in Porter Sq. in Cambridge and the other in Allston.

I went to Stonehearth a year ago with some friends, and not only did we each get our own personal pizzas, but we also ordered gluten-free beer (Bard’s) and a gluten-free brownie Sunday.

OMG. I was stuffed with delight.

There are other pizza joints that offer gluten-free pizza, but Stonehearth is my fave.

B. Good

I can’t honestly say that they serve the best burgers in Boston, but they do offer a gluten-free bun, which, if you’re craving a burger with the bun, it’s definitely worth it.

They have a lot of toppings ranging from guacamole, carmalized onions, bacon, and chipotle salsa, and, plus they serve up baked sweet potato fries, which aren’t as cruncy as the deep-fried variety, but good nonetheless.

Plus, B. Good does a great job of using local farmers and keeping most of the food production right in house.

In Boston, you can find B. Good on Newbury St, Mass Ave, Downtown Boston, Back Bay and in Harvard Sq.


$1 oysters.

That’s all I gotta say about this place.

Lineage is a neighborhood restaurant in Coolidge Corner, and is most known for their $1 oysters (Island Creek Oysters!) EVERY day, Monday – Monday from 5 pm – 7 pm at the bar.

Dolla’ oysters!

Oysters are great sources of protein and are rich in copper which helps regulate cell metabolism.  The place is very clean, the staff, although not the friendliest I’ve come across, are very well-groomed and good-looking, which, I guess is important in the restaurant biz.

I haven’t strayed too far off the oysters, so I can’t really say how the rest of the menu is.

I mean, how can you beat dolla’ oystas?

Genki-ya Sushi

This is one my favorite sushi place in Boston, but not my favorite Japanese restaurant…and yes, there is a difference.  I like Genki-Ya because, 1) they serve mainly organic ingredients, and 2) they are one of the few sushi places I’ve been to that also carry GF soy sauce and will actually remind you that tobiko flakes contain gluten.

It’s a small place right in Coolidge Corner so that’s probably another reason why I love it.  And they deliver, which is key for those late night sushi cravings….

Neptune Oysters

Although I listed Lineage as an oyster hot-spot, I have to give my best recommendations for raw bar to Neptune Oyster in the North End.

They have the widest variety of oysters with at least 2-3 shuckers on staff behind the bar.  There’s usually a wait to get in since the place is about the size of a closet you’d find in a North End apartment, but the wait is worth it.

This is also my favorite date place.

JP Licks

I can’t not mention JP Licks in this post, because recently they’ve completely won me over with their dairy-free, coconut cream based chocolate ice cream.

(Yeah yeah, the post said gluten-free but I had to tell you about this one.)

They’re a local staple, and although you’re gonna end up paying $12 for a small scoop of ice cream and one topping, the fact that they serve coconut cream ice cream totally makes up for the price.

That’s a slight exaggeration I know, but still, they’re not the cheapest.

Major props to J.P. Licks for pulling through on this one.

Kick-ass Cupcakes

It’s a good thing this place is across the river from me, or I’d be single-handedly keeping this place in business, although, they don’t need it as they’re a very popular joint in Somerville. Alongside their creative gluten-filled concoctions like the Mojito, the Bananas Foster, they also serve gluten-free varities, aaaaaaaaaaaaand, they also have a cupcake truck, a mutha effin’ cupcake truck.

How cool is that.

Elephant Walk

I tend to find that Asian food lends itself compatible with those eating gluten-free, and the Elephant Walk, located on the Boston/Brookline border and in Cambridge offers a wide selection of gluten (and dairy-free) options.

The fare is French-Cambodian and their menu has far too many options than what is necessary (IMHO).  A bit overwhelming at first to try to make a decision, but the place is clean and the food is full of flavor.

Plus, the restaurant also provides a variety of cooking classes as well.

Life Alive Cafe

And last, but certainly not least, is the urban oasis, Life Alive cafe.  And as a matter of fact, when I originally released this list, I totally forgot to include this one!  And I honestly don’t know how it managed to slip my mind, seeing everytime I’m in Cambridge and make every effort to grab one of the rice bowls or yummy smoothies.

I absolutely love this place, and it’s got the total yoga-hippie-crunchy-free-spirited-love vibe going on.  Not only our their rice bowls amazing, but they even have fresh juice smoothies, and a variety of localy made raw chocolates that are to die for!

Check it out next time you’re in Central Square.  Last time I was there I got the the “Alive Joy” smoothie, some candied ginger and a $9 bar of raw chocolate.  The place isn’t cheap cause they use organic ingredients, but you’ll be buzzing when you walk out.

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