5 Workouts To Strengthen Your (Energetic) Body

Deep within our body, out of sight from what our natural eye can see, lies a very powerful energetic system that not only controls our emotions, but also controls our body’s physiology – our hormonal and chemical processes. This energetic system not only affects our physical body, but plays a role in the way we […]

Full Body Workout: Pilates Strength Fusion

I like to say that my workouts are as mixed as I am ethnically, and in regards to my DNA, I’m quite the mutt: I am born to a Filipino father with descendants from China, and to a caucasian mother who’s lineage originates in Wales, England, Hungary, and Crotia. If I was a dog on Petfinder, […]

Stability Ball Core Workout

Today I have a stability ball core workout I want to share with you that I’ve used with my clients over the last several years.  What I love about this routine is that you can do it at your gym or at home, all you need is a stability ball and a mat.  What I […]

How To Stop Running, Lose Weight, and Feel Better

As much this notion has been hit on the head countless and countless times, you’d think that we (girls, I’m talking to you) would just get it by now: Doing more cardio is not the answer to your how-do-I-lose-weight-and-feel-better conundrum. I’m still surprised that with all the top trainers and health coaches advocating against the […]

How To Teach a Better Class: 5 Tips for Fitness Professionals

One of the first things that I Google when I’m traveling, aside from locating the nearest Whole Foods, is finding a local gym or training studio to get a workout.  Since I am in Colorado right now helping my little brotha’ move into college, I figured I’d check out a place to take a pilates […]

Interview with Alisha S.

Whenever you I work with a client who’s made significant changes in her life, I want to just blast the airwaves and share it with the world.  Even though it may seem simple to living a healthier, happier, and more vibrant life, it is not always EASY.  Sure, eat real food, move your body and […]

Workout Wednesday: More butts? Yes please!

Ok, it seems like butts are the “it” thing to train these days.  With other trainers and fitness bloggers, like Bret Contreras, Ben Bruno, Marianne Kane, Rog Law and John Romaniello recently giving the boo-tay the much deserved attention it needs, I figured I’d share with you a butt-friendly workout I did with my client […]

Workout Wednesday: One Butt at a Time

Continuing on with my love affair with butts, I’ve put together another lower body workout for you, this time with emphasis on single leg work coupled with some plyometrics to help target your rear. A couple of things to note about this workout: We are incorporating a lot of single leg work here.  I find […]

Workout Wednesday: 7 Minutes In Heaven

Remember that game when we were kids where we’d take 2 seemingly unsuspecting friends, blindsightingly throw them in a closet and expect them to make-out for 7 minutes?  Do you remember how much fun it was as we would giggle as the 2 victims would bang on the door mercifully asking to be let out?  […]