How To Heal Your Body with Self Love

Today’s blog comes from a good friend of mine Eric Hulse, who not only happens to be a health coach as well, but an awesome person all around.  I love Eric’s spirit and energy, and if you watch any of his YouTube video’s you clearly see that both Eric and I vibe on the same […]

Why do I overeat? Some things to think about…

Ice cream. Peanut butter cookies. A giant bag of Sour Patch Kids. Waffles. Toast with butter. What do all of these things have in common? My belly. Where they all wound up. In. My. Belly. I would like to say that I have my food in check 90% of the time, however, this past Tuesday […]

3 Tips To Help You Eat Slower

Last night I was on the phone with a distance coaching client who just finished up the LBC and who decided to continue with Maintenance.  After each Challenge, our participants can continue their progress working on a one on one basis where we fine-tune her program and really dig deep into developing a better appreciation […]

How To Reduce Anxiety, Lose Weight and Feel Better

A few years ago when I was in the midst of a breakup, unemployed and simultaneously questioning my sexuality, I experienced some preeeeeeeeeeety bad anxiety.  I would go to bed worrying about my relationship, my money, my health, my future, my career and I would even worry about the fact that I was worrying.  The […]

How To Stop Worrying About Shit part 1: Your Job

“Stop worrying about shit.  You’ll feel better.” I posted this yesterday on my Facebook and it received a bunch of comments and likes. I for sure thought someone would have left a wiseass remark saying something like, “Well, Sirena, it’s just not that easy.” And since no one did, I felt that most people agreed […]

Why Emotional Eating is B.S.

For my girls out there that are reading this, I wanted to address a topic that like running, has been addressed countless times, yet, we are still struggling with, and that is, emotional eating. Now I find the term “emotional eating” a little redundant, because eating is inherently, emotional to begin with, as we talked […]

How To Stop Running, Lose Weight, and Feel Better

As much this notion has been hit on the head countless and countless times, you’d think that we (girls, I’m talking to you) would just get it by now: Doing more cardio is not the answer to your how-do-I-lose-weight-and-feel-better conundrum. I’m still surprised that with all the top trainers and health coaches advocating against the […]

My Healing Journey Part 1: Something Ain’t Right Here

Last weekend I received an overwhelming amount of “likes” on a post I published on Facebook, and it got me wondering, “Why did people like it so much?  What was it about this particular post that people responded to so favorably?”. I have a few theories in mind, and the main being, that it told […]

Interview with Alisha S.

Whenever you I work with a client who’s made significant changes in her life, I want to just blast the airwaves and share it with the world.  Even though it may seem simple to living a healthier, happier, and more vibrant life, it is not always EASY.  Sure, eat real food, move your body and […]

How To Balance the Crown Chakra with Exercises and Meditations

Oh the Crown chakra.  Even though this is the last chakra up the sushumna, its hardly an ending.  Rather, consider reaching this chakra a rebirth, a place to start a new, and a place to unfold new experiences in your path to healing and spirituality.   Here are the crown chakra we connect to all things on […]