What I’m Currently Reading

Hello my peeps! I just figured I’d try something new, since I don’t have very many videos up on the blog yet.  Last week I received a message on Facebook from someone asking me what I was currently reading, so I figured I’d make you guys a video showing you all of them, instead of […]

Put The Fork Down: 13 Simple Tips To Prevent Overeating

Back in college, I was known in my circle of friends as the girl who would consume copious amounts of food.  It wasn’t unusual for my friends to wait for me at the dining hall while I went for 3rd’s, 4th’s, and sometimes even 5th’s. Yes. 5th’s. College was a period of indulgence (in many […]

How to Get Calcium if You’re Not Eating Dairy

“But Sirena, how am I suppose to get my calcium if I’m not eating dairy?” I hear this every time I suggest removing dairy from one of my client’s nutrition program. And every time I hear it, I’m reassured that commercial food propaganda is still working at it’s finest. With ads like the one below, […]

Reader Request: How To Re-introduce Foods into Your Diet

Here we go for another round of a Reader Request. This next question comes from one of my nutrition coaching clients, and she had a very good question regarding re-introducing foods back into the diet. If you read the last post about my approach to nutrition coaching, or if you have worked with me in […]

How To Drink Without Gaining Weight

What’s up everyone, hopefully you’re doing awesome, as am I. I’ve got a hot hot topic for you today and one that I hear from pretty much every client that I work with. This question actually came up from one of my nutrition and lifestyle clients. Here is what Katherine asked me via e-mail: I […]

How To Work Your Abs Without Neck Pain

What’s up ya’ll. Thank you to those who have left comments and feedback about what you’d like to see on the new site. I already have some great questions on board to answer to help you create a leaner, fitter and healthier body. To get right into today’s topic, I’m going to take the time […]

How To Lose 20 lbs. without Starving Yourself

Hey everyone, I hope that you’re having a great day so far. In my drive to help my clients and friends build a leaner, fitter and healthier body, I opened up my day to taking fitness and nutrition questions. And immediately, I had someone post a question. Jay asked me: “What’s the quickest way to […]

Reader Request: How To Eat Less Gluten

What’s up ya’ll. I have another reader request today, this one coming from Jennifer. Jennifer asks: Love the new site! I’m always looking for tips on how to eat with less gluten in my diet, but without eating processed foods. Making it easy, you know? But not as easy as grabbing something pre-made from Whole […]