Winter Blues: 9 Ways to Thrive and Feel Good This Winter

According to certain religious beliefs, the human race will face (or is already facing) an apocalypse, a time of utter turmoil and destruction which will decide our fate as a species; a complete and final destruction of the world. For me, the apocalypse happens every year between the months of eh, November to March in which we […]

Fat Loss: Honoring the Ebb and Flow of the Female Body

Intro from Sirena: Recently I’ve had the opportunity to befriend fellow fitpros and energy-conscious friends, Heather and Damian Dube from e3Energy Evolved. Like most of my fitness friendships, it started online with a few “likes” and reposts here and there.  Once we realized how much we shared in regards to our ideas and philospohy with […]

3 Powerful Ways to Become Stronger

Some of you may know this, some of you may not, but earlier this year I decided to embark on a journey with 15 other women in a year-long mastermind. The idea behind a mastermind is to bring together a group of like-minded individuals to support and encourage each other in our own personal development […]

Why It’s Important To Feel Strong

When one of my coaches asked me recently, “why” I am doing what I am doing in my business,  I told her I wanted to help women feel better about themselves. She asked again, “Why is that important?” I was stumped, and I sat in silence for a few seconds on the phone, a blank […]

How To Avoid Overeating During The Holidays

In the past, I would just accept the fact that holiday dinners would mean stuffing my face silly with extra plates of turkey, ham, gravy and stuffing. And pie. And cookies. And whatever else was available within reach. True story: When I was in college, I once ate 3 pumpkin pies, yes 3, during Thanksgiving […]

How To Heal Your Body with Self Love

Today’s blog comes from a good friend of mine Eric Hulse, who not only happens to be a health coach as well, but an awesome person all around.  I love Eric’s spirit and energy, and if you watch any of his YouTube video’s you clearly see that both Eric and I vibe on the same […]

Why To Do Lists Suck and What To Do Instead

I have a feeling, that if you’re reading this, you love to get things done. You don’t wait around for things to happen, and if you’re anything like me, you have what seems like a never-ending “to-do” list. Go to the grocery store, get to the gym, make dinner, send out e-mails, the list just […]

A Positive Mantra to Boost Your Self Esteem

I have a very simple message I want to send you today as I woke up this morning feeling grateful and blessed to have spent the last several days with my family. It was wonderful to catch up and I always feel safe and protected whenever I’m with them. Since I was in NH it […]

56 Things to Be Grateful For

The word gratitude has been thrown around a lot lately, partially due to the holidays, but also due to the increasing popularity of the term in personal development blogs and spiritual texts.  And it’s easy to see why if you’ve ever experienced the effects of developing a gratitude practice. From my personal experience, it has been […]

3 Tips To Help You Eat Slower

Last night I was on the phone with a distance coaching client who just finished up the LBC and who decided to continue with Maintenance.  After each Challenge, our participants can continue their progress working on a one on one basis where we fine-tune her program and really dig deep into developing a better appreciation […]