Winter Blues: 9 Ways to Thrive and Feel Good This Winter

According to certain religious beliefs, the human race will face (or is already facing) an apocalypse, a time of utter turmoil and destruction which will decide our fate as a species; a complete and final destruction of the world. For me, the apocalypse happens every year between the months of eh, November to March in which we […]

Fat Loss: Honoring the Ebb and Flow of the Female Body

Intro from Sirena: Recently I’ve had the opportunity to befriend fellow fitpros and energy-conscious friends, Heather and Damian Dube from e3Energy Evolved. Like most of my fitness friendships, it started online with a few “likes” and reposts here and there.  Once we realized how much we shared in regards to our ideas and philospohy with […]

4 Quick Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas

I wonder, why do we seem “ok” with having breakfast for dinner, but not dinner for breakfast? We have no problem having eggs or even pancakes at night, but when it comes to having leftover dinner at breakfast, most people would balk at the idea. Perhaps it’s from years of being told from animated cartoon […]

3 Tips To Help You Eat Slower

Last night I was on the phone with a distance coaching client who just finished up the LBC and who decided to continue with Maintenance.  After each Challenge, our participants can continue their progress working on a one on one basis where we fine-tune her program and really dig deep into developing a better appreciation […]

Interview with Alisha S.

Whenever you I work with a client who’s made significant changes in her life, I want to just blast the airwaves and share it with the world.  Even though it may seem simple to living a healthier, happier, and more vibrant life, it is not always EASY.  Sure, eat real food, move your body and […]

Workout Wednesday: More butts? Yes please!

Ok, it seems like butts are the “it” thing to train these days.  With other trainers and fitness bloggers, like Bret Contreras, Ben Bruno, Marianne Kane, Rog Law and John Romaniello recently giving the boo-tay the much deserved attention it needs, I figured I’d share with you a butt-friendly workout I did with my client […]

March 2012 Lean Body Challenge Winners

The second round of the Lean Body Challenge finalized last Sunday, and after a grueling few days of trying to announce the winner, I just could not pull myself to just pick one person….so, I picked 2!  Yes, this is my Challenge and I can do whatever the heck I want with it. This round […]

Chicken Artichoke Piccata

 Today’s recipe is actually a contribution from one of our Lean Body Challenge participants Cassia.  I put up the offer that if anyone posted a recipe to the private Facebook group, they had the chance to win a free 30 minute coaching call and have their recipe showcased on the blog.  Congrats Cassia! What I […]

How Much Should I Eat? My thoughts on portion control…

As beautiful and unique individuals as we each are, so are our metabolisms and our body’s ability to digest, breakdown and utilize foods. No two people are the same, and thus no two metabolisms are the same. However, most diet and nutrition literature will lead you to believe that a standard formula can be used […]

Workout Wednesday: 7 Minutes In Heaven

Remember that game when we were kids where we’d take 2 seemingly unsuspecting friends, blindsightingly throw them in a closet and expect them to make-out for 7 minutes?  Do you remember how much fun it was as we would giggle as the 2 victims would bang on the door mercifully asking to be let out?  […]