Simple 6-Minute Body Scan Meditation

body scan meditation

6-Minute Body Scan Meditation (This blog will teach you a simple body scan meditation.) When I ask my clients what’s one thing they want to get out of our coaching together, what I hear the most is that they want to feel “more connected” to their body. Do you ever want that for yourself, too? […]

5 Workouts To Strengthen Your (Energetic) Body

Deep within our body, out of sight from what our natural eye can see, lies a very powerful energetic system that not only controls our emotions, but also controls our body’s physiology – our hormonal and chemical processes. This energetic system not only affects our physical body, but plays a role in the way we […]

Fat Loss: Honoring the Ebb and Flow of the Female Body

Intro from Sirena: Recently I’ve had the opportunity to befriend fellow fitpros and energy-conscious friends, Heather and Damian Dube from e3Energy Evolved. Like most of my fitness friendships, it started online with a few “likes” and reposts here and there.  Once we realized how much we shared in regards to our ideas and philospohy with […]

Food, Memories, and the Thundercats

I’ve been feeling very nostalgic lately and have noticed that my thoughts have been drifting towards my childhood. I find it interesting that when I feel sentimental about being a kid, I immediately think of food. And for me that means my go to comfort food, chicken adobo. This feeling proves to me that food […]