Fat Loss: Honoring the Ebb and Flow of the Female Body

Intro from Sirena: Recently I’ve had the opportunity to befriend fellow fitpros and energy-conscious friends, Heather and Damian Dube from e3Energy Evolved. Like most of my fitness friendships, it started online with a few “likes” and reposts here and there.  Once we realized how much we shared in regards to our ideas and philospohy with […]

Why It’s Important To Feel Strong

When one of my coaches asked me recently, “why” I am doing what I am doing in my business,  I told her I wanted to help women feel better about themselves. She asked again, “Why is that important?” I was stumped, and I sat in silence for a few seconds on the phone, a blank […]

Client Success Story: Rachael Gorab

Please meet Rachael Gorab, 27, Ph.D candidate Northeastern University, former rugby player, yoga-inspired, cheese lovin’ dog owner. Rachael and I worked together last fall and she was an AWESOME client, and I absolutely adored her, and loved working with her. She was committed and trusted the process, she was open-minded to new suggestions and just […]

LBC Success Story: Erin Parker

Today I want to share with you a success story from one of our January LBC contestants, Erin Parker. I originally met Erin through a past-LBC’er and a dear friend, Megan Atkinson. Megan and I have known each other for a few years, and so I was super excited that one of her friends would […]

Food, Memories, and the Thundercats

I’ve been feeling very nostalgic lately and have noticed that my thoughts have been drifting towards my childhood. I find it interesting that when I feel sentimental about being a kid, I immediately think of food. And for me that means my go to comfort food, chicken adobo. This feeling proves to me that food […]

Saying Good-bye to Fitness, and Coming Out of the Closet (again)

I originally intended on posting this idea on Facebook but once a couple of sentences started to break into multiple paragraphs, I realized it was worthy enough for a full on blog. Whatever cosmic shift has happened in our Universe over the last year or so has taken a tremendous affect on me. I could […]

Overeating and Relationships…a Deeper Look

I received great feedback from last week’s post, Why Do I Overeat? about overeating and I wanted to follow it up with a quick video. Reading through the comments and e-mails I was finding a very common theme in regards to what leads to overeating and it’s something we have all, at one point or […]

Why To Do Lists Suck and What To Do Instead

I have a feeling, that if you’re reading this, you love to get things done. You don’t wait around for things to happen, and if you’re anything like me, you have what seems like a never-ending “to-do” list. Go to the grocery store, get to the gym, make dinner, send out e-mails, the list just […]

An Unconventional Approach to Sugar Cravings

We often look at food cravings from a very physical standpoint, meaning, if you are craving sugar, then your blood sugar is probably low, or you’re not eating enough carbs, or you’re missing a certain vitamin or mineral.  All valid explanations to why our body craves something sweet. However, as much as our physical body […]

My Night of Dance and Learning To Love My Body

Last night I went to a dance show in the South End of Boston put on by a very dear friend of mine.  The show was held by Urbanity Dance, and rather than sitting in a studio for the entire duration, the performance traveled to various studios, each with it’s own theme, dancers and choreography. […]