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quote-about-dont-be-afraid-to-move-on-and-start-a-new-chapterSometimes when we are busy trying to plan and “figure” things out, they go ahead and behind our back, figure themselves out.

Last week I had a major detour occur in my career that pretty much pushed me into the next chapter in my life.

For the last 2 years I’ve been running my own online training and nutrition business on the side while I’ve worked at local gyms. The Universe has now decided that it was time for me to go all out on my own, 100%. I’ve taken this sign as a major wake-up call that it’s time for me to fully step into my passions, and my role as a motivator, a catalyst, and a leader in my community.

And so now, as I step into the next chapter, I want to share this news with you and to celebrate this next milestone.

Starting on Wednesday January 29th, I’ll be running my own training and Pilates business full-time at POST Physical Therapy in Brookline, MA at 235 Cypress St. 

I’m really excited about this new venture (and to be completely honest with you, a little nervous too!) and in celebration with this transition, I’m offering a complimentary 30 minute session at my new digs.

The space is awesome, and along with a fully equipped studio for small group classes and 1 on 1 strength training sessions, we also have a STOTT Reformer for private Pilates lesson.

Check out your new training studio below:
photo (11)

As part of the celebration of my new training space, I’m offering all Boston readers a free 30 minute session at the new studio either a strength training session or a Pilates reformer session. The studio is well stocked with the best training equipment, has a flood of natural light, and just has an overall great vibe. Plus, our training studio even has plants. Plants! What what!

If you’re not in Boston, not a problem. I’m also offering a 30 minute virtual training session to my newsletter readers. However, I’m capping off the virtual training sessions for the first ten (10) people to book their session – meaning, click the link below NOW to schedule yours before they all are filled.

—>>>Click here to book your complimentary 30 minute training session<<<—

I’m thrilled and excited to be embarking on this new chapter in my professional career, and I’m inviting you along for the adventure. If you’re in the Boston area schedule your complimentary session here.

I haven’t made this announcement public yet to my tribe, but to those who I have told, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your support. Seriously, the calls, texts, and emails you’ve sent me has made feel so loved, and knowing that you believe in me fills with me immense gratitude. So, THANK YOU to everyone who will be continuing on the journey with me. I love you like my own family.

If you have any questions, just reply directly to this email and I’ll get right back to you.

Much, much, MUCH LOVE.

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