An Unconventional Approach to Sugar Cravings

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We often look at food cravings from a very physical standpoint, meaning, if you are craving sugar, then your blood sugar is probably low, or you’re not eating enough carbs, or you’re missing a certain vitamin or mineral.  All valid explanations to why our body craves something sweet.

However, as much as our physical body can create sugar cravings so can our emotional body.  And rather than trying to explain why your body craves sugar using chemical or biological terms, I would like to suggest how there are very powerful metaphorical reasons why we crave sugar, emotionally.

Sugar as a pick-me-up

Sugar gives us a rush of good-feelings, it can help pick us up when we’re feeling down, its helps us feel comforted, and it can help us relieve stress.

If we are finding that we are addicted to sugar, constantly craving it, and need it to help us feel better, then it could mean that we haven’t found other ways to help us feel good.  Thus, we turn to sugar to pick us up.

What I have found in my practice and observation is that when we overdo it in one area of our life, it is typically to compensate for another area that is not receiving enough love and attention.

If we aren’t feeling joy, happiness or pleasure in our lives, it is easy to find it through food, and more specifically in sugar.

We all need pleasure and fun in our lives, and if we aren’t receiving any, we’ll find a way to get it, even if it’s through food, drugs, sex, shopping, or other addictions that stimulate the pleasure centers in our brain.

What I am suggesting here, is that if you find you crave sugar, to take an inventory of your life, and see what areas of your life are lacking fun, what areas could you get more pleasure.

And to take it a step further, I will also suggest looking into your love and sex life.  I’ll take it as far as to say, that the desire for sugar could be a compensation for a lack of pleasure (or expression) in our sex lives.  Somewhat a bold statement to make, but one worth looking into.

Can a lack of sexual pleasure or expression equal sugar cravings?

I say, yes.

If we look at the bodies most powerful energetic system, the chakra system, we see that the 2nd  chakra, called svadhisthana means sweetness.  This is also where we hold our pleasure, and it is also where we derive our sexuality.

If both pleasure and sexuality are found together, than clearly, sex, and sexual expression is meant to be enjoyed.

When any of the chakras are unbalanced or lacking energy, disharmony in the body occurs.  And if the 2nd chakra is our sweet center, than perhaps, disharmony in this area, could manifest as sugar cravings.

Even the sense tied to the 2nd chakra is taste. And what is the most powerful and addictive taste available to us, but sugar.

An imbalance or block in the 2nd chakra can occur when certain sexual needs are not met, or if there are aspects of our sexuality we need to express or heal.  A history of sexual abuse, being one, and which interestingly enough, is also a possible reason for self-sabotage as we discussed in a previous post.

Curb Your Sugar Cravings By Having More Fun (and sex)

As a challenge to you, I invite you to find other ways to derive fun and pleasure in your life.  Take an inventory of your life, and see if there are things you could add or do more of in your life that you find pleasurable, or are just straight up fun.

On top of that, take some time and think about your sexual needs and if there is a possible correlation to sugar cravings.  Again, this is my challenge to you to look a little deeper into yourself, and to start to look at your body in a different light.

It’s not always calories in, calories out.  It’s not always about protein, fats and carbs.  Or cardio or interval training.

Your body is more than what you see and feel physically.  There’s so much going on under the surface, and I challenge you to look into yourself.

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