5 Workouts To Strengthen Your (Energetic) Body

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Deep within our body, out of sight from what our natural eye can see, lies a very powerful energetic system that not only controls our emotions, but also controls our body’s physiology – our hormonal and chemical processes.

This energetic system not only affects our physical body, but plays a role in the way we respond to life’s challenges, and how we adapt to our environment.

This energetic system also plays a bigger role by allowing us to connect to the greater energetic field that surrounds us – the energetic field of our own planet.

It is when we can learn to tap into this energetic system that we can truly heal ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

When there are blocks in our energetic system, physical symptoms may arise, like poor digestion, headaches, weight gain, low libido, and disease. These blocks can also show up in our day to day life in our relationships, in our patterns that slow us down, and in our ability to manifest the life we desire.

I believe that anything is possible in life when we are strong in our body, our mind and in our spirit.

And a big piece of that means strengthening our energetic body along with our physical body.
Just as we spend time at the gym and taking yoga and pilates classes, and investing in local organic foods to take care of our physical body, I am inviting you to also use that same intention to care for your energetic body.


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In this manual you will find 5 workouts specifically designed to help you release blocks in your energetic system based on the area of your body or life you need the most help.

To use this manual, pick a workout that resonates with you the most. There is no right or wrong answer and your choice may change from day to day. The idea is just to pick one that speaks out to you.

From there, perform 1-2 sets of the circuit you chose, first thing in the morning. The morning hours is one of the most beneficial times to activate and strengthen your energetic system since you have been still and resting during your night’s sleep.

The exercises are best performed immediately upon waking. Using the bathroom is totes OK, but avoid eating, drinking, checking email, or doing anything else. Meaning, make your bed afterwards ☺

Each circuit has specific exercises that will target a certain region of your energetic system, thus increasing flow and energy to that area.

Although these are most effective to do in the morning, you can also add these movements before a strength training workout, a pilates class, a long run, or hill sprints.

Unlike a traditional circuit, these exercises were meant to be performed very mindfully, with your intention on the area of the body being used.

Be deliberate in your movements and avoid rushing. This will bring your attention to the areas of your energetic system that need the TLC.

Have fun, and enjoy!

—>>>Access your 5 free workouts here<<<—

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  1. Wow, thank you so much for giving me the tools to ‘get off my butt’ and help myself. Will try the exercises and place feedback at a later stage. (your welcome to email me if you don’t hear from me). Cheers Karen

  2. Go you! I admire how you have devoted yourself to a career that helps people thrive. Keep going…people are listening 🙂

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