4 Tips to Losing More Fat…Even on the Weekend

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It’s Friday, playas!  That means for the next 48-60ish hours most of us we’ll be enjoying some time away from the desk, cubicle, or classroom, and chillin’ out maxing, relaxin’, and maybe even shootin’ some bball outside of the school. (kudos to anyone who can name this reference.)

As movies like the Hangover and Weekend at Bernies have taught us, a lot can happen over the course of a couple days.  Except in this case I’m not talking about shenanigans in Vegas, or a cover-up, I’m talking about de-railing off a fitness or nutrition plan.  Sticking to a nutrition plan Monday – Friday comes a bit easier for most since you are on a set schedule with work and what not, but when the weekend rolls around and you have more liberty, it can be a bit trickier to stay consistent.

So to help you keep the momentum, especially for you LBC’ers, I’ve come up with 4 quick tips to get you prepared to help you lose even more fat this weekend.  Now, I know that we all have lives.  And that we are going to drink, have a good time and be merry.  And I highly encourage to have those times that you indulge and just straight up enjoy life.

Howeeeeeeeeeverrrrrr…and yes, there’s usually always a flip side to this.  If you have decided to take part in a nutrition plan, or challenge, then you must ask yourself:

“Is eating/drinking this worth it?”

You signed up for a challenge because on some level you wanted to be held accountable.

You wanted to see exactly what you can do, and you wanted to see results.

And the closer you stick to your guidelines, the better results you will see.  Bottom line.

I’m not going to tell you “No, you can’t have that” because in the end what you put in your mind and in your body is your choice.  Your health is your health.

But, if you want to maximize the time and money you’ve invested in following a plan and having the support of a coach, and if you want to see what kind of results you can get, then you need to ask yourself, how bad do I want it?

If you want it pretty fucking bad, then getting through the weekend will be a breeze.  Its OK if you say “no” to having a dessert.  You don’t have to drink every time you go out.  Its OK to make these choices for yourself, if that is what you want.

Now granted, it will take some time for you to adjust and find the strength within you to take a stand for your health.  And you know what, you will get there.  It will get easier and easier every time you practice.

And to help you get to that point, and to help you stay on track with your plan over the weekend, here are 4 quick tips to losing more fat even on the weekend:

1. Be prepared.

If you know you have a social event coming up, plan accordingly.  Plan mentally, plan physically, and plan emotionally.  I find that most people feel that they have to eat, drink or indulge just because everyone else is.

Don’t forget, this is your journey and you have the right to make the best decisions for you.  Be prepared by eating a good meal before you go out, and/or bring snacks.  And don’t worry, there will be plenty more social events for you to go to in your life since you’re super-cool and people like you.

2.  If you’re going out to eat, do some reconnaissance work first.

If you know that you’ll be going out to eat this weekend, try to find a higher quality restaurant (for higher quality foods) and scope out the menu before you go out.  Most restaurants will have their menus online, so this should be a breeze.

Look at your choices and see if you can find options before you go out.  Also, if you have dietary restrictions like gluten and dairy-free, call the restaurant ahead of time to let them know.  I have always had success doing this, and find that the waitstaff can be super accommodating if you call in advance.

Also, if you get stuck with what to order, protein + veggies is always a good choice.

3.  Go grocery shopping and stock up for Monday.

This is huge!  Don’t wait until Sunday night to sit down and figure out what you need.  Use the weekend to go grocery shopping, make extra meals (think leftovers and crockpots) and plan your week.  Preparation is key.

4.  Have fun!

This weekend, get out and do something fun, wild and exciting.  Get your butt off the couch.  Go to a movie with your honey, check out a museum, take a walk, visit a bookstore, walk around the city, bungee jump, ask someone for their number, try out a new recipe, or hug a tree.

Do something different.  Be brave.  Be bold.  Start living your life like it was the last day you had.

Keep in mind that all of your past decisions, choices and lifestyle habits have all given you the body and life you currently have.  If you want to change your life and your body, well, then you’ll need to change what you’re doing, what you’re eating, and what you’re thinking about.

Start by doing one thing outside of your box this weekend.  It could even be as small as taking a different way home.  Once you start to think differently, and start doing things outside of your typical routine, you’ll find that making healthier eating habits become easier too.

Now that you’ve read this, and feel jazzed up, here’s what to do next…

1.  Leave a comment below by letting me know what your plans are for this weekend.  I wanna know!

2.  Include 1 bold and brave thing you are going to do this weekend to live it up.  I’d love to hear your ideas.




25 Responses

  1. Hi Sirena, this is Tugce, I am one of Monika’a clients at HW and your blog is actually really inspiring, just figured this today and can’t stop reading, keep on the good work! Hope we can meet on person sometime and I can just say hi to you at least, love to read new blog posts.

    1. Hi Tugce!

      Thank you for the comment, that really means a lot to me. I am usually at the club during the middle of the day working out, so don’t be shy and introduce yourself.

      I’m curious, is there anything else you’d like me to blog about?


  2. Thanks for this! It was so helpful to read that I’m not alone in the tough choices I try to make for my health. This weekend I don’t have any major plans. Sunday there is a family party happening which will be a challenge, though it is in the morning and if I can prepare and bring my own food or request that my dad has something for me, I should be fine.

  3. was going to go out for dinner and then thought it would be tastier, healthier, lovelier (outside on my porch) than at any restaurant so just picked up some fish, thinking about grilling some pineapple with it. other ideas? might take it some basketball with the family (not my favorite, but good for bonding!)

  4. Weekends for me are pretty much the same routine because of my two little kiddos! The hard part will be not indulging in that glass of wine or dessert that I usually do with the hubbie. As long as I re-stock the fridge this weekend and try some new recipes I think I will manage. The fact that the pounds are coming off and I feel so much more energetic is worth the sacrifice!

  5. Miami this weekend with my family… I am a bit worried about breakfast in hotels. Other than that, I am looking forward to ceviche and the beach!!

  6. Thanks for the tips.Things are going great clothes feeling looser so a great motivator.I spent yesterday planing weekend meals and snacks so I could do my best to stay on track.Weekends bring more activity time for me.I will add to the already scheduled workout more walking,biking,fly fishing and horseback riding.I love weekends.A great move picked out with a veg dip planned and (at home) oh and did I mention getting tax paper work together.Last but not least enjoy time with special people.Thanks for all your help to date.

    1. Colleen – that’s so great that your clothes are fitting better and that you are starting to plan your meals. You are so active, lucky you live in a place where you can do that year round.

      Oye, you just reminded me that I need to do my taxes…yikes!

  7. Going to Lala Rohk with good friends for restaurant week tonight. I think I’m prepared. Then a movie on Sat. If the weather holds up Sunday, i’ll walk around the reservoir while my son pummels other kids with a stick at his lacrosse practice. Then with all this early spring I’ve got gardening to do!

  8. I went to Border Cafe this weekend….and the basket of chips stared at me….I didn’t touch them…NOT ONE! I had a great salad with chicken and I feel even better knowing I resisted. 🙂

    1. That’s awesome to hear Court. Its feels so much better when you know you made a good choice. And that’s how you start to re-wire your brain — start feeling good about good choices and you’ll always want to do so.

      Keep it up girl friend 🙂

  9. Just saw Mission Impossible with my man, and successfully ate at a restaurant–Fajias and Rita’s! Tomorrow we are having friends over for brunch instead of going out, then the afternoon is devoted to food shopping and prep for the week. Aaaaand I’m back to work on Sunday. Thanks for the extra motivation, Sirena! The weekends ARE a challenge.

    1. I’ve been wanting to see MI, what did you think?

      I’ve heard of this Fajitas and Rita’s place, I’ll have to check it out sometime. Sounds like you’ll have a great productive weekend ahead of you, and looks like you’ll be prepared for Monday.

      Keep rockin’ girl 🙂


  10. Great tips! I made a gluten/dairy free pizza tonight and it was actually pretty good, haha! Tough to eat, as there was no cheese to secure my toppings, but yummy nonetheless! Picked up a few things at the grocery store to get me through the weekend (will buy for the week on Sunday)…tomorrow’s easy…coaching in the morning, then heading to Zumba, home to do some homework and the Pat’s game…my friend is making Chili and I am making some tostadas on corn tortillas, so all is gluten and dairy free! Who knows what the rest of the weekend will bring, but my man is out of town, and he is my biggest challenge when it comes to eating healthy (6’2” 225 Haitian guy – eats whatever he wants!) – so at least I can eat healthy without any whining in the background haha

    1. Yuum!!! Gluten free pizza sounds awesome. If you ever come to Boston, there are some great places that make an awesome GF pie. If you’re ever in town, lemme know.

      Good to see that you’re ready for the weekend, and seems like you’ll be pretty active which is great. Chili sounds yummy 🙂

      And yes, no whining in the background def helps! Keep it up girlie, you’re keeping all the other girls on their toes 😉


  11. Hi Sirena,
    Thanks for the tips! I will actually be working this weekend, so that makes it a bit easier. Your timing was impeccable – the weekends usually are a time to kick back, relax and have another whatever! I am feeling better – even after just 5 days, and look forward to week 2!

  12. Well, you get an extra high-five for being the first AND for guessing correctly.

    Don’t you have a fun weekend planned. All sounds good, and will you be bringing the man along with you?

  13. Hey Miss Fresh Prince of Bel Air! I guess I’m the first to write something. Going to my friends for dinner then to see the movie Joyful Noise. She was going to make healthy pizza but I told her that I couldn’t have that so she’s making something I can eat. Going to the MFA tomorrow and watching the Pats/Broncos game tomorrow night. Sunday is up in the air. Have a great weekend LBCer’s!

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