Top 10 Weight Loss Foods to Get at Trader Joe’s

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Some people hate grocery shopping.  Me, I LOVE it.

Seeing how I live .3 miles from the Coolidge Corner Trader Joes, I’m usually there about 4-5 days a week.  May seem like a lot to some, but I prefer getting my produce fresh, since truth be told, they can go bad rather quickly.

There are a few staple foods that I recommend getting, and if you’ve participating in the Lean Body Challenge or have plans on joining the next one, you’ll be getting pretty familiar with these foods.

And now that I’ve joined the 21st century and have an iPhone, I can take all sorts of cool pics and share dem with ya’.  In case you were wondering, I took these pics with the Instagram app and added the “Lo-fi” effect to it.  I have to say, these pictures look a hell of a lot better than my actual digital cam.

10 Weight Loss Foods to Get at Trader Joe’s


Why to get it:  Because its amazing.

Not only is pineapple a great source of carbohydrates but pineapple also contains bromelin which is an enzyme that can help aide in digestion.


Why to get it: Because its awesome.

Even though watermelon has gotten a bad rap in the past for being loaded with sugar, it actually is a great carb source.  Besides, our body’s primary source of energy is glucose aka sugar.  So why deprive yourself?

Fresh pulp-free OJ

Why to get it: Because its delicioso.

Fresh pulp-free OJ is super high in vitamin C, which not only helps our immune system but also supports our adrenal glands, you know, those little guys that sit on top of our kidneys and get abused day in and day out because we’re ridiculously stressed out?  Yeah, OJ helps those little mofo’s so that we can bounce back quickly.


Why to get it: Because they’re super convenient.

These particular beets are steamed and peeled and ready for you to add to salads or eat as your much needed carb source with your meal.  Plus, Trader Joe’s get’s these from France, (according to their label) which makes them extra cool.

Grass-fed beef

Why to get it: Because you can make meatballs.

And meatloaf, and burgers, and tacos…

Hard-boiled eggs

Why to get it: Because sometimes, if you’re lucky, you get an extra one in the package (!!!)

Stop trying to figure out the secret to perfectly boiling an egg and let Trader Joe’s take care of it for you (honestly don’t know how they do it).  Grab a half-dozen peeled and hard-boiled eggs for a great source of quick protein for snacks and breakfasts.  Hard boiled eggs are rich in Vitamin A and D which is essential for hormone production, including your thyroid hormones, aka metabolism hormones.

Parmesan cheese

Why to get it: To impress Giada de Laurentis.

If you’re trying to re-incorporate dairy back into your life, parmesan reggiano cheese is a great way to start…slowly.  Try 1 oz. a day and see how you do.  Cut off a little slab and have with some fruit or hard-boiled egg for a quick afternoon pick-me up.

Coconut Milk

Why to get it: To impress Ming Tsai

So far, Trader Joe’s is the only brand of coconut milk I’ve found that does not contain guar gum, an ingredient that is typically added to products to thicken and stabilize and which can cause GI upset and can block the absorption of other nutrients.  Coconut milk is a good alternative to cow’s milk for those who do not tolerate dairy well.  It’s great in soups, stews and smoothies and rich in medium chain triglycerides which are a saturated fats that help your body burn it’s own fat…yippee!

Grass-fed Butter

Why to get it: To impress Paula Dean…not really.

Aside from the fact that butter is just better, grass-fed butter is high in Vitamin D which helps hormone production, and is a great fat to cook with and to add on top of baked sweet potatoes along with a little dash of cinnamon.

Coconut Oil

Why to get it: Because it’s super versatile.

You can cook with it, bake with it, use it as a moisturizer, you can use it for oil pulling (swishing it in your mouth for a few minutes can actually help cleanse and whiten your grill). It naturally boosts the metabolism by increasing the way your body uses your thyroid hormones. Plus, it also contains lauric acid which is known to have anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic qualities. That means coconut oil helps keep your gut clean.

So there you have it.  My favorite weight loss foods that you can get at Trader Joe’s.  Which ones have you tried?

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  1. Great suggestions! So many foods high in natural sugar have become soo taboo, but people are misinformed. Yay for OJ!

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