I’m sure most of you right now are off enjoying the last few bits of summer we have left, maybe at the beach, a bbq, but hopefully not stuck moving if you live in Boston. Once Sept. 1st hits, the median age of the city literally drops about 10 years with all the students.

This week’s recipe is a combination of some farmer’s market finds, and some cucumbers my roommate @DJTrex came home with the other day from a co-worker of his. (Thank you mystery co-worker!)

It’s a super simple recipe that you can make as a side with practically anything. It’s quick, easy and very fresh. Enjoy!


1. Wash and dice the tomatoes and the cucumbers, and place in a glass bowl.

2. Chop up the basil very finely.

3. Gently mix the olive oil, salt, pepper, and basil into the cukes and tomatoes.

4. Serve right away as an appetizer or side dish with your meal.

tomato cucumber salad